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Creativity Mysteries#1

Fascinating re-broadcast of a Charlie Rose program from last year on the mysteries of creativity and the creative brain. Iconic artists Chuck Close and Richard Serra and neurologist Oliver Sacks discuss their artistic processes. Interestingly, both Sacks and Close are both face blind and yet do not see their disabilities as impediments, but instead as assets. Close believes that limitations of all kinds actually free up his creative process.

A rebroadcast of Charlie Rose Brain Series Episode Twelve: Creative Brain


My top 15 of '09

Phosphor, “II”, (Potlach)
Electric Cowboy Cacophony, “Shark Guitar”, (Sumtone)
John Butcher Group, “somethingtobesaid”, (Weight of Wax)
Nudge, “As Good As Gone”, (Kranky)
Not The Wind, Not The Flag (Colin Fisher and Brendan Valdivia),
“Tintinabulum”, (Barnyard Records)
Cannibal Corpse, “Evisceration Plague”, (Metal Blade)
Maja Ratkje, “Cyborgic”, (Rune Grammofon)
The Tony Wilson Sextet, “The People Look Like Flowers At Last”, (Drip Audio)
Evelyn Petrova, “Living Water”, (Leo)
Furt, “Sense”, (psi Records)
Behemoth, “Evangelion”, (Metal Blade)
Ken Aldcroft Convergence Ensemble, “Our Hospitality”, (TRIO Records)
Mary Halvorson/Jessica Pavone, “Thin Air”, (Thirsty Ear)

Highlight of the Year: Cannibal Corpse, Mayhem Festival Festival, Phoenix,
Temperature:115 degrees in the shade.
CC were rightfully surly because of stage complications that forced them to
shorten their set. Consequently, they unleashed their molten, metal wrath on
an audience that tried to stand its ground in a parking lot, amidst a
swirling, dust storm that threatened to the blow the stage over. It was a
perfect storm of man and nature’s sound and fury. It was “Live and
Dangerous”, to quote Thin Lizzy, and it was bliss.

November 4, 2009

Nov. 4
  • Christine Wodrascka/Ramon Lopez, “Es Verdad”, Momentos, Leo
  • Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky/Andrei Kondakov/Vladmir Volkov, “Wintertime”, In Search Of A Standard, Leo
  • Rainer Wiens, “Alternating Currents”, Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, Ambiances Magnetiques
  • Trevor Watts, “Golden Roses”, The Deep Blue, Jazzwerkstatt
  • Ganesh Anandan/Hans Reichel, “Secret Dialog”, Self Made, Ambiances Magnetiques
  • Grutronic, “Madness and Civilization”, Essex Foam Party, psi Records
  • Stellari String Quartet, “Alcyone”, Gocce Stellari, Emanem
  • Joelle Leandre/Maguelone Vidal/ Raymond Boni, “Tractile”, Trace, Red Toucan

November, 15, 2005


  • Pino Minafra, “La Danza Del Grillo”, Terronia, “Enja”
  • Exuberance (Louie Belogenis, Roy Campbell, Hilliard Greene, Michael Wimberly), “Invocation”, Live At Vision Festival, Ayler
  • Roger Doyle, “The Seventh Set”, Passades-Volume 2, BHVaast
  • Tim Crowther/Steve Franklin/Tony Marsh, “The Desert Nuts”, Amherst Dislodged, Slam
  • The Joel Futterman/’Kidd’ Jordan Quintet, “Soul Mates”, Nickelsdorf Konfrontation, Silkheart
  • Joe Giardullo, “Hurtles”, No Work Today:Nine For Steve Lacy, Drimala
  • Quator Bozzini, “Europe-During The War”, Different Trains, Ambiances Magnetiques
  • Lar-Goran Ulander Trio, “What Love.”, Live At the Glenn Miller Cafe, Ayler
  • Tyler Ho Bynum&SpiderMonkey Strings, “Supo Eno Pt.1”, Other Stories (Three Suites), 482 Music
  • Roscoe Mitchell/Tatsu Aoki, “In”, First Look/Chicago Duos, Southport/Asian Improv

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