It’s funny how we react to rediscovered old gems.

The news that Editions Mego released a new Cindytalk disc The Crackle Of My Soul in November was jarring on a few levels.

One, I wasn’t even aware that Gordon Sharp was still making music. The answer to that was quickly solved by going to Wikipedia.

Indeed, Sharp has busy in numerous capacities since his Scottish band of sonic explorers unleashed their masterpiece, “In This World”, back in 1988.

The second was the memories that I had when I first encountered this disc.  Music elicits different emotions in different people, but few talk about pieces of music that scared or disturbed them.

I first heard “In This World” on a weekly Toronto campus radio show devoted to experimental music and sound art. As with all memorable musical discoveries, I happened to hear one of the tracks midway through.

I had no idea who it was or what label it was on, though the haunting and hushed voice and gauzy, ethereal atmospherics sounded familiar.

I thought he might be someone that might new to 4AD label that I wasn’t aware of.

It turns out I was partially right. Sharp was, indeed, one of the vocalists on the debut This Mortal Coil album It’ll End in Tears (1984), adding vocals to “Kangaroo”, “Fond Affections” and “A Single Wish”.

Around the same time, Sharp and company had released, Camouflage Heart, but I was not’ aware of that.

In This World, it turns out  was recorded over a period of three years  and consisted of  two albums of the same name released simultaneously. The first album was a noisy, industrial affair, full of Neubauten/Test Department banging and howling

the second, an album of creaky ambience featuring Sharp’s improvised piano experiments. In This World also featured an uncredited collaboration with feminist punk writer Kathy Acker (Janey’s Love).