June 13

  • Javier Vercher/Ferenc Nemeth, “Form and Meaning”, Imaginary Realm, Dreamers Collective Records
  • Darrell Katz and ICA Ochestra, “A Better Teacher”, Why Do You ide, Leo
  • Charlie Beresford/Sonia Hammond, “Headless Bluebell”, The Silence of Snow, 52nd.com
  • Michel Lambert, “12-28”, Journal Des Episodes II, Jazz from Rant
  • Vertical Squirrels, “Swamp Code”, Time of the Sign, Ambiances Magnetiques
  • Mark Weber/Michel Vlatkovich, “Poem 12”, Elasticity, pfMentum
  • Lina Allemano’s Titanium Riot, “The Brain”, Kiss the Brain, Lumo records
  • Lukas Ligeti/Theilem McDonas, “Reflexivities”, Imaginary Images, Leo
  • Jack Wright, “Untitled”, As Is (solos from Beirut and Barcelona), Independent