July 23

  • John Russell/Phil Durrant/John Butcher, “Soft Hours and Solidities”, Conceits, Emanem
  • Tony Wilson 6tet, “It’s About That Time”, A Day’s Life, Drip Audio
  • Paolo Porta, “Peace Keeping”, Beginner’s State of Mind, Slam
  • Lina Allemano’s Titanium Riot, “For Heaven’s Snake”, Kiss the Brain, Lumo records
  • Han-Earl Park/Catherine Sikora/Nick Didkovosky/Josh Sinton, “Hydraphon”, Anomic Aphasia, Slam
  • Tom Chess, “Hymn of Bridges”, Momentarily Endless, Independent
  • Ivo Perelman/Whit Dickey, “Mobley”, Tenorhood, Leo
  • Devin Gray, “In the Cut”, Relative Resonance, Skirl
  • Jeffrey Haden Shurdut, “2”, The Mini Marching Band, Independent