May 20


  • Norm Howard/Johannes Welsch, “Ring”, Marking the Infinite, Independent
  • Stefano Luigi Mangia/Adolfo La Volpe/Giorgio Distante, “My English State of Mind”, Glad To Be Unhappy, Leo
  • Ensemble 5, “Here and Now”, The Summary of 4, Leo
  • Devin Gray/Elias Stemeseder/Anna Webber, “For Erik”, Jagged Spheres, Independent
  • Bernie Koenig/Glenn Hall, “For George’”, Overheard Conversations, Slam
  • David Berezan, “Badlands”, Allusions Sonores, Empreintes Digitales
  • Bobby Bradford/John Carter, “Swiss Account”, Tandem, Emanem
  • Matthias Schubert, “Duke Muche”, 9 Compositions for Multiple Joy(ce) Ensemble, Red Toucan