June 17

  •  Billy Bottle and the Multiple Unrecorded Beam, “The Vessel”, S/t, Leo
  • Matthias Schubert, “John Muller”, 9 Compositions for Multiple Joy(ce) Ensemble, Red Toucan
  • Devin Gray/Elias Stemeseder/Anna Webber, “Jagged Sphere”, Jagged Spheres, Independent
  • Hamid Drake and Jesse Stewart, “Heavy Metal”, Timelines, Art Stew
  • Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, “Mono No Aware”, La Maree, Empreintes Digitales
  • Gallio/Streuli, “Tracks 22-44”, Road Works, Percaso
  • Francois Bourassa, “Reunion”,Cordame, DAME
  • Norm Howard/Johannes Welsch, “Hollywood”, Marking the Infinite, Independent
  • Bobby Bradford/John Carter, “And She Speaks”, Tandem, Emanem